MyPillow and Owner Mike Lindell to Donate 10,000+ Pillows to Tornado Victims

In the wake of the terrible tragedy that has befallen our central and southern United States by some of the deadliest tornados systems experienced, Americans across the nation are doing all they can to help one another. Donations in the form of food, money, blood, clothing, hotel rooms, and labor have been offered by countless Americans and businesses.

Today we learned that Mike Lindell plans to donate more than 10,000 of his pillows to victims of the Tornados in Kentucky. He plans to pass them out on Christmas Eve!

Of course, nothing is ever good enough for the twitter trolls. What should be a positive, cheerful announcement is quickly turning into a troll bitch session for people who don’t like Mr. Lindell’s politics. Most have responded by bashing the idea of the victims in Kentucky receiving pillows as opposed to homes, jobs, and electricity.

Now, don’t make the same mistake I did and so many other Twitter users are currently making. The Christmas Eve date is mostly likely because he has to put those pillows together and has given himself enough to time to put together such a massive order.

Still others have decided to claim that the act of charity is simply a farce because Lindell may be reaping some kind of reward or perk to handing out the pillows. It’s all a tax write-off or a publicity stunt.

My question is; who cares if it is? Does it take away from the fact that he’s chosen to hand them out to the people that were affected by more than 30 tornados on December 10, 2021? Does it matter what he’s getting so long as the victims he hands them out to aren’t charged a dime?

People are suffering and Mike Lindell is leading by example and the rest of the nation should put-up or shut-up. A great kindness is being done regardless of what people think of him and if he’s getting some kind of write-off, do we really care?

We’re the fiscally responsible party. Why should we care if a man who is donating ten thousand pieces of his legacy to people in need of the most basic supplies claims it on his taxes? Are you going to stop claiming your charitable contributions on your taxes this year?

Of course not!

Good on Lindell for the donations and if it does somehow help his business, good on him for his savvy.

Just so you know, Twitter decided most of the following tweets were quite sensitive and needed to be held back just in case they offended.

I’ll leave you with a few.

No, I’m not joking or exaggerating. The following tweet is truly heinous.

And this one? Well… I can’t believe they even allowed something so… so… graphic.

Anyhow, God bless all of you who are contributing to the relief efforts going on in Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee. Even if we ourselves or others get judgmental on Twitter, those of you that have survived any natural disaster are aware that every little bit helps.



This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics