Voting At Risk – Dems Working On HR1, Would Illegally Takes Over Voting From States

The Senate Democrats have shelved their Build Back Better bill until 2022 after President Biden and Senator Joe Machin (D-WV) could not work out a solution.

Instead, House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Schumer are moving forward with their national elections bill (HR-1) that would in effect give the Democrats permanent power on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

In spite of the clear assignment from our nation’s Founding Fathers, that states should run their own elections, the modern-day Democratic party is moving ahead with nationalizing elections anyway.

U.S. Constitution
Article. I. – Section. 4.

The Times, Places, and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

The Congress shall assemble at least once in every Year, and such Meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall by Law appoint a different Day.

The Democratic Senate leadership is desperate for a political victory as the 2022 mid-term election cycle starts after Congress returns from the Christmas break.

“I think there’s a universal view in our caucus that we need to get something done,” said Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat. “There’s a strong belief in the Senate that we can restore the Senate and at the same time deal with voting rights, and that’s what we’re aiming to do.”


The Populist Press reported the first bill put together by this Pelosi-led Congress will eliminate free and fair elections forever.

Fraud will be the mandate and helping the Democrats will win every election henceforth.

The bill is labeled by the Communist Democrats – “For the People Act of 2021“.

Below are the key aspects of the bill as noted by the Populist Press:

Democrats’ first bill in the House: H.R.1 – The bill would supersede America’s state-run elections with an unconstitutional, corrupt, nationally run replacement which requires universal mail-in voting, banning restrictions on ballot harvesting, banning voter ID, criminal voters, DC Statehood roadwork, and much more Marxism.

  1. Internet-only registration with electronic signature submission.
  2. Banning the requirement to provide a full SSN for voter registration.
  3. Nationwide “Motor Voter” registration.
  4. 16-year-olds are required to be registered to vote.
  5. Nationwide same-day registration.
  6. Grants ($25M) for using minors in election activities.
  7. More children voters. Acceptance Of Applications From Individuals Under 18 Years Of Age.
  8. Prohibiting attempts to clean voter rolls of non-residents.
  9. Murderers and rapists can vote.


“(a) Uniform Availability Of Absentee Voting To All Voters.—

“(1) IN GENERAL.—If an individual in a State is eligible to cast a vote in an election for Federal office, the State may not impose any additional conditions or requirements on the eligibility of the individual to cast the vote in such election by absentee ballot by mail.


“(A) PROHIBITING IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENT AS CONDITION OF OBTAINING BALLOT.—A State may not require an individual to provide any form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot, except that nothing in this paragraph may be construed to prevent a State from requiring a signature of the individual or similar affirmation as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot.

“(B) PROHIBITING REQUIREMENT TO PROVIDE NOTARIZATION OR WITNESS SIGNATURE AS CONDITION OF OBTAINING OR CASTING BALLOT.—A State may not require notarization or witness signature or other formal authentication (other than voter attestation) as a condition of obtaining or casting an absentee ballot.


12) Banning voter ID.

“(1) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in subsection (c), if a State has in effect a requirement that an individual present identification as a condition of receiving and casting a ballot in an election for Federal office, the State shall permit the individual to meet the requirement—

“(A) in the case of an individual who desires to vote in person, by presenting the appropriate State or local election official with a sworn written statement, signed by the individual under penalty of perjury, attesting to the individual’s identity and attesting that the individual is eligible to vote in the election; or

13) Roadwork for DC statehood and territory statehood.

ENSURING DIVERSITY.—In appointing the 9 members pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (1), as well as in designating alternates pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (3) and in appointing alternates to fill vacancies pursuant to subparagraph (B) of paragraph (4), the first members of the independent redistricting commission shall ensure that the membership is representative of the demographic groups (including racial, ethnic, economic, and gender) and geographic regions of the State, and provides racial, ethnic, and language minorities protected under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 with a meaningful opportunity to participate in the development of the State’s redistricting plan.

SEC. 3201. NATIONAL STRATEGY TO PROTECT UNITED STATES DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS. (a) In General.—Not later than one year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the President, acting through the Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Education, the Director of National Intelligence, the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, and the heads of any other appropriate Federal agencies, shall issue a national strategy to protect against cyberattacks, influence operations, disinformation campaigns, and other activities that could undermine the security and integrity of United States democratic institutions.

(b) Considerations.—The national strategy required under subsection (a) shall include consideration of the following: Literally forming a commission to effectively freeze anyone who says that the election was rigged.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show. Follow me on his website ETTALKSHOWMAGABOOKTwellit & Twitter.   

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson Show