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The Purge Begins: US Air Force Discharges 27 for Refusing the Jab

Well, the purge of the unvaccinated from the Armed Forces has begun.

Yesterday, I reported that the Navy took action against the second in command of a guided-missile destroyer, the USS Winston Churchill, for refusing to get the jab.

Today, it was announced that the Air Force discharged over two dozen personnel for refusing the jab.

Word on that first came from the Associated Press, which reported on Monday that:

The Air Force has discharged 27 people for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine, making them what officials believe are the first service members to be removed for disobeying the mandate to get the shots.

Though some recruits had been booted from training in October for refusing the jab, these 27 brave servicemembers are apparently the first time that fully enlisted servicemembers were discharged over their vaccine status.

Yet worse, these 27 might be the first of a huge wave of thousands of personnel discharged for refusing the vaccine, as the active-duty Air Force alone has 1000 servicemembers refusing the vaccine categorically and 4,700 refusing it on religious grounds.

As the military has yet to grant a single religious exemption to the jab mandate, those 4,700 can likely be considered just as likely to be discharged over the jab as those that refuse it categorically.

And that’s just the Air Force. When the other services are taken into account, the number is in the tens of thousands. It’s even larger when reserve and National Guard forces are considered.

However, the one bright spot is that dishonorable discharges over the jab may no longer be on the table. Again according to the AP:

while the Air Force does not disclose what type of discharge a service member gets, legislation working its way through Congress limits the military to giving troops in vaccine refusal cases an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions.

So, though the already weak and stretched military might lose tens of thousands of much-needed personnel, at least those discharged over the jab likely won’t be dishonorably discharged, as was initially reported.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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