“You’re Bringing Class Back” to the Office: Fallon Gushes Over Biden on ‘Tonight Show’

Former SNL star Jimmy Fallon’s job is to help actors and other “artists” promote their upcoming work when they appear on The Tonight Show. Ok, sure, fine.

Fallon’s job is not, however, to prop up the president of the United States by telling him how amazing he is. If anything, Jimmy should be telling his uninformed audience the facts surrounding the Biden presidency. But you know that will never happen, so long as the left controls Hollywood and the media.

This performance from Fallon, whereby he attempts to humanize a savage like Joe Biden, was one of his worst.

Fallon implied that Trump was not a classy president because he did not mingle with the elite.

“It was great to see you there [the Kennedy Center],” Fallon said.

“We gave you a standing ovation, because I go, ‘Here he is, he’s bringing class back. He’s a classy guy.’ You’re bringing class back to the office, and I thought it was amazing that you did that,” Fallon said.

Fallon explained, “I was at the Kennedy Center, and I saw Republicans and Democrats in the crowd,” Fallon told Biden. “Everyone was laughing at jokes and listening to great music — everyone seemed cordial and nice, and I go, ‘This seems like this should be much easier to get along with everybody.’”


This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics