MSNBC’s Joy Reid Ignores Smollett Verdict, Shifts Blame to “Racist” White “Karens”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is one of those people who literally has no idea about what she speaks. The woman is clueless on every single issue but no, she’s not stupid. In fact, Reid, like 11 out of every 10 liberals, knows exactly what she’s doing.

Despite working for a news outlet, Reid’s job isn’t to report the facts or the truth. Her job is to tell the people what the Democrat Party wants them to hear. Period.

Because of anti-Americans like Reid, the nation finds itself in poor shape today.

From The Daily Wire:

Despite having the verdict before her show aired, Reid chose to open her segment discussing “legal setbacks” for Donald Trump dealing with the January 6 committee. She did this blatantly while knowing that the Smollett verdict was the biggest story in the country, but that it didn’t fit the narrative she helped construct.


And Reid is in good company with her decision. While some other outlets did address the story, they mostly downplayed Smollett’s conviction or blamed his motives on external factors. CNN reported that Smollett was “guilty on some charges,” even though he was found guilty on five out of six total. CNN reporter Brian Stelter decided to blame conservative news sources for the whole debacle. But even their reactions were better than Reid, who just decided to ignore the elephant in the room.

Reid also downplayed the verdict on Twitter for the most part, except for a bizarre retweet that referenced the situation. The “ReidOut” host said “Great point…” to an original statement that said, “If #JussieSmollett is being convicted of falsely reporting a hate crime, what about all the #Karen’s who have made false claims to law enforcement and tried to weaponize the police against Black Men & Women putting their lives in danger.”


This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics