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WATCH: Biden Urges Americans To Wear Their Mask, Then Violates His Own Mask Mandate

On Monday, raging hypocrite Joe Biden begged Americans to keep wearing their mask indoors, but then he violated his own mask mandate as he walked away from the podium.

“And as additional protections, please wear your mask when you’re indoors in public settings,” Biden said. Watch:

Then, once Biden was finished with his speech, he didn’t put a mask on as he walked away from the podium. This is in clear violation of his very own mask mandate.


Even more ironically, Biden was caught without a mask indoors this weekend on Nantucket Island in a video that has since gone viral.

It’s more clear than ever that Biden doesn’t *actually* care about health. All he really cares about is control.

This story syndicated with permission from Clayton Keirns – Trending Politics