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VIDEO: Texas Health Workers Go Door-to-Door Recording Vaccine Status of Citizens

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. And during the 2020 presidential election, America, allegedly, decided to play the dumbest game of all by voting for Joe Biden to become president.

We’re all now suffering the consequences because some people chose to believe CNN, ABC, MSNBC and other agenda-driven liberal outlets over the truth.

Stories like this one are likely to continue to take place if the politically uninformed in this nation keep putting Democrats in office. Sad but true.

From 100 Percent Fed Up:

A stunning home security camera shows a team of four people who identify as employees of the Houston Health Department in Texas going door-to-door at an apartment complex to ask residents if they or any members of their family have received a COVID jab?


When one resident answers the door via intercom, the Houston Health Department worker can be heard saying, “I’m a [inaudible] with the Health Department—How you doing today?” The resident asks, “With the what?” He responds, “Houston department.” The worker explains, “We’re just going around the community to inform that you can get the vaccine for the coronavirus,” Have you been vaccinated?” he asks. “Yes sir, we are,” the resident responds. “May I ask, which one did you get?” he asks. “Um, the Pfizer.” the resident responds. “Um…how many people in your house got vaccinated?” he asks. The resident answers, “Just me and my wife—that’s all that lives here.” The health care worker asks, “Do you want me to leave the information at your door?” The resident tells him to just leave the information behind.



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This story syndicated with permission from Johnny – Patriot Fetch – Conservative News Daily