How To Overcome Being Broke

During their first year of marriage Josh and Liz saved enough money to move from Indiana to Redding California where they enrolled in Bethel’s school of ministry. But before long they were running out of money. Josh says, “We went with a lot of faith that God would do great things and it actually turned out to be very hard and I was stressed out about finances like most of the time.”

“Josh kept trying to get jobs while we were in Redding California and no jobs were coming.” Says Elizabeth.
“We really felt like if we didn’t get financial provision, we’d have to go home down to – less than $5 and starting to get behind on some of the bills.” Says Josh

When there was income, Josh and Liz were always faithful to tithe. A discipline they both practiced since they were young. “We were both tithing like our whole life, so it wasn’t ever a question of “should we stop tithing.” No, we knew, like you honor God first and then uh he’ll take care of everything else. So as long as there was income there, we tithed.” Says Elizabeth

With only a few dollars left and bills continuing to mount they stayed up all night praying for a miracle. The next day in class God answered their prayer when their teacher Chris Vallotton made an announcement. Elizabeth remembers, “’Anyone that is going to go home if money doesn’t come in, uh stand up.’ And so Josh and I, of course, we stood up.”

“And then Chris Vallotton asked the other students to give money to the ones that needed it.” Says Joshua

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This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson Show