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“Let’s Go Brandon” Is Equivalent to “Long Live ISIS” Says Far-Left CNN Analyst

If you took stupid and multiplied it with dumb and added just a tad bit of imbecile, you’d have the makings of a CNN “analyst.”

It’s as if these far-left hosts and talking-heads have nothing better to do with their lives than spew hate.

From The Daily Wire:

After a Southwest Airlines pilot reportedly ended an address to passengers with the words “Let’s go, Brandon” on Friday, a CNN analyst likened the man’s remark to the equivalence of something an ISIS terrorist might say.

Colleen Long of the Associated Press said that the incident took place Friday morning on a flight from Houston to Albuquerque. Video subsequently surfaced of an unidentified pilot uttering the anti-Biden phrase after welcoming the passengers to the flight. “Thanks for coming out and flying Southwest Airlines. Welcome aboard,” he said. “And remember,” he said softly, “Let’s go Brandon.”

Lefties are losing their minds.  Here are some tweets.



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This story syndicated with permission from Patriot Fetch