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WATCH: 10,000 Proud Americans Protest Vaccine Mandate, Chant “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

If the vast majority of liberals one day woke up and decided to be good people, then the United States wouldn’t be facing a single internal issue.

But the problem remains: the white liberal is the most dangerous threat facing the nation, bar none.

Check out this crowd 10,000 strong chanting “Let’s go, Brandon,” while demanding an end to covid mandates.

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From Fox News:

New York City municipal employees are marching across the Brooklyn Bridge Monday against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The protest, which is set to end in front of City Hall on the Manhattan side of the bridge, is billed as an anti-mandate protest on behalf of nearly 50,000 NYC employees who have yet to be vaccinated with a deadline just days away.

Traffic is shut down on the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan as of 11:49 a.m., according to police.





This story syndicated with permission from Patriot Fetch